Welcome to Kristianstad Waste Management Company

We will ensure that your waste is efficiently taken care of in an environmentally sound manner that is as cost effective as possible. Our goal is to take care of all kinds of household waste in a manner that affects us and our environment the least.

Your contribution makes a big difference

In Kristianstad we sort food waste and combustible waste separately in individual containers available at your home. We collect waste with a garbage truck with two compartments – one for food waste and one for combustible waste. Food waste becomes environmentally friendly biogas and fertiliser, while the combustible waste provides electricity and district heating. Depending on which subscription you or your landlord has chosen, we collect the waste with different frequencies.

Newspapers and packaging of glass, metal, plastic and paper should be sorted at a recycling station. Recycling stations are often close to grocery stores, and comprises of a number of containers where you can leave your old newspapers and packaging so that they are recycled into new.

Leave larger household waste and electrical waste at one of our staffed recycling centers. At the recycling centers in Snårarp, Tollarp and Åhus you can also leave hazardous waste. All recycling centers can be found here.

Here’s how to order a subscription

According to Swedish law, all households must have a sanitation subscription so that waste is taken care of in an environmentally sound manner and present no danger to the environment or humans.

If you own a house in Kristianstad municipality that you use on your holidays, you should contact us for a subscription.

To subscribe, or if you have any questions, please call our customer service at +46 4413 54 00.